What is Risk Management ?


Risk Management

Risk Management is the key component for any organization to identify and mitigate threats. Due to increasing and complex business process and integration with multiple tools, processes, and ever increasing regulatory compliance requirements, regular risk assessments and risk management is inherent to any organization. Definition of Risks can vary from organization to organization and can have multiple business needs to address the risks. While maintaining the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program it is critical to identify the risk at all levels and perform both automated and manual questionnaire based risk assessments to ensure no unwanted questions are left out.


Risk Management

Cyber risk management means identifying, analyzing, evaluating and addressing your organization's cyber security threats. Based on our organization's risk appetite, your cyber risk management program then determines how to priorities and respond to those risks.


Compliance Foresight Risk Management


Compliance Foresight Risk Management

Compliance Foresight Risk Management offers both Automated risk assessments and Questionnaire based risk assessments that can help organizations manage the Risk management program effectively. Any organization has major requirement of audit report fully automated and reduce task for multiple changes. Fully compliant report writing is an area where Compliance Foresight specially focuses to map all required compliance parameters and generate detailed word and pdf report so that customer can focus on operations while keeping consistent reports across the operations.

Overall Process of Risk Management

The Risk Management Process:
4 Essential Steps

  • Identify the risk
  • Assess the risk.
  • Treat the risk.
  • Monitor and Report on the risk.
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